This is my first post on this website so I thought I should introduce myself!

My name is Rosie Simpson, I am from Sheffield, UK and my main interests involve Photography and Art. My art usually consists of digital drawings and photography… well I kinda like a lot of everything, from Nature Photography to Landscapes and Animal Photography.

As Nature is my photographic speciality, Birds are my main focus, but I love to take pictures of insects flowers and other kinds of wildlife too.

Here are some of my favourite images that I have taken over the years… 📷

I also have some social Media in which I show my work if you would like to have a look!

Bird Update!

Not been on here in a while, but as work over Christmas had taken over, I’ve not had chance to bird watch as much as I would have liked.

It’s been snowing, so naturally, the camera came out! I’ve never experienced feeding birds in the snow before, so it was interesting to say the least. Seeing Blackbirds and Robins use feeders for smaller birds was odd, as they’re usually ground feeders.

Here are some pictures from the snow!

-5/01/21 – Rosie 🙂

Goldfinch brought its family! -29/11/20

If you saw my post from the other day, you’ll know that a Goldfinch has visited my garden. Well today, it brought its family.

There was a group of 6 Goldfinches, and around 3 came and ate in my garden! I was so excited and they always seem to come when you’ve just given up on any hope of seeing them again.

Of course I was ready with my camera!

-29/11/20 – Rosie 🙂

GOLDFINCH!!! 😁 – 25/11/20

Since around March 2020, I’ve been hoping to see a Goldfinch visit my garden. So I set it as my goal for 2020, and FINALLY. Today is the day it happened and it waited till nearly a month left of the year to appear 😂

Luckily, for me, I’d got my camera to hand, and managed to get a few shots and a video of this Goldfinch. I’ve named her Lucky 🍀.

Here are the images and video I took this morning!

Thanks for reading!

-25/11/20 – Rosie 🙂

Mushroom Hunting 🍄(Long Time no Blog Writing) – 06/11/20

Yesterday I took a trip down to Underbank Reservoir in Sheffield to look for some Mushrooms to photograph with my Macro lens. I’m happy to say I was successful! So many Fly Agaric Mushrooms 🍄 were around for me to photograph. My main aim is to choose one of the many pictures I took to use for a calender someone has requested me to make for them!

Here are the pictures I managed to take!

I love the colour of these mushrooms and how they turned out on camera – hope you do too! 😊

– 06/11/20 – Rosie 🙂

Coal Tit has returned! – 06/10/20

Quite a few months ago now we had a regular Coal Tit visiting the garden and up until recently we had seen nothing of it. The past 3 mornings, we’ve seen not one but 3 separate Coal Tits visiting the same feeder.

I’ve noticed they’re very territorial and chase each other around the garden if they happen to arrive at the same time. It’s quite funny to watch them zooming around everywhere.

I managed to catch a few pictures of the Coal Tit, they’re extremely fast so catching them in flight seems quite impossible 😂. I managed to get a few clear pictures of it while it was kind of still in flight.

Here are the pics I got!

-06/10/20 – Rosie 🙂

Trying out Macro Photography! 🐛🦋🐜🐝🕷️🦟-17/09/20

Recently, since there’s been less garden birds visiting due to it being slightly cooler weather, I decided to try my macro lens out again after a while on some insects in my garden on flowers etc.

I really like how they turned out, and would like to continue to do this on nice days in my garden. Seeing the detail on insects that you cannot see with your eyes is really fascinating to me.

Here are some of the recent macro photographs I have taken!

17/09/20 – Rosie 🙂

More Hall Reservoir & first time spotting a Chaffinch! – 03/09/20

Yesterday I took a trip to More Hall Reservoir in Sheffield UK and saw a lot of wildlife that I was not expecting to see. So naturally, I took my camera with me and got some good shots.

Here are some photos I got 📸…

Also the other day, I went to do some photography in my friend’s garden. She mentioned that she’d had some Chaffinchesin the garden, so I really wanted to photograph them. It took a while but they finally appeared!

03/09/20 – Rosie

New Digital Drawing – 25/08/20

Over the past week I’ve been working on a new digital drawing of a European Starling. Since the Starling has so many different colours, it was so time consuming and it really took a long time to get all the colours right.

I am keeping up with my digital drawings to keep building up my portfolio. I keep advertising my work on my social media platforms too, in the hopes that I will be able to sell my drawings one day! 🤞🏻

Here is my drawing, I hope you like it!

I based the picture on this image that I took!

25/08/20 – Rosie 🙂

Baby Hedgehog (+images of very fun clouds)!!!! 😁 – 18/08/20

Last night, I was watching outside for the Hedgehogs as usual, and there was one which left soon after clearing the tray. I filled the tray back up incase anyone else came and…. A BABY HEDGEHOG APPEARED!

I looked at it through the window and thought about how small it appeared compared to any other I’ve seen. Then realised it was a young Hedgehog that seemed to be on her own, zooming around the garden, taking all her new surroundings in 🥰

Here are the images I managed to get…

Earlier on in the day, I got some good images of some funny shaped clouds I saw yesterday, thought I would also share these too!

18/08/20 – Rosie 🙂